Places AO needs to check out

I travel a lot and have been to many places on the Atlas Obscura (AO) map but I also see a few places that are not on the map. With this in mind, I humbly make a suggestion and invite others to make suggestions regarding locations AO should condsider writing about.

First place on the list is the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum near the Washington County Fairgrounds in Washington, PA. They have a moderate collection of vintage working, restored trolleys and enough track to take people out on rides in them. Worth a visit if you are passing through the area, which is I-79 north between Washington, PA and Pittsburgh.

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Hey @Hodgepodgerama! This is a great suggestion! The Atlas Obscura database is actually primarily composed of places that users have sent to us. We very much encourage curious travelers to add new and fascinating places to the Atlas as much as possible. You can add a new place (or food) via the form below!

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Hi Eric—I’m not sure if my connectivity let me down, but I cannot see the link. Thank you!

Here you go, I hope this helps!

If it doesn’t then you can find the link at the bottom of the home page, under PLACES there is the option to ‘Add a Place’

Cave of swimmers in Egypt is definitely worth the attention.

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum worth visiting

Egypt is my favorite vacation spot.

Spectra Art Space in Denver CO

I don’t like cities in Egypt but it is definitely one of the most spectacular diving there.
The other place which is definitely worth checking out is cave of swimmers
It is spectacular especially if you come there during beautiful sunny day.