Places behind waterfalls?



I am looking for places behind waterfalls! Both spots where you can swim through them, but also if there is anywhere where there is actually a room or a house setup. Is that a real thing? I really want it to be a real thing!


…you can make it a real thing, Dylan.


This is a tough one…


I’ve always wanted to stay in this Air Bnb. I guess it’s not really a place behind a waterfall, but a waterfall behind a place …


The only waterfall that I’ve swam through to a cave was El Limon waterfall in Dominican Republic, which was an A+ waterfall.

Thanks to this prompt, though, I discovered that waterfall camping is an option! Filing that away…


Wow I want to live there. Definitely bookmarking this!


This comes to mind: YouTube


It is technically behind the waterfall, as well as above it: