Places being blocked without logging in

I’ll often browse the site without logging in, either because I’m not using a personal computer, or because Firefox seems to log out automatically after a while.

Late last week I noticed that after visiting maybe 5 entries as a guest, I would get the following message which also blocks the page in question:

I’m outside the US so I wonder if this might have to do with IP location. Is anybody else getting the message?

Should any AO staff eventually see this post, could you explain why such a policy was implemented?


I think this concerns Privacy Issues

From what I can see, it seems that this change has now been rolled back. This and the changes to the submissions page did seem to have been unpopular, specially as they were deployed without any previous communication.

With @Michelle_Cassidy and @jonathancarey normally being the most active AO staff members in the forums, I do want to say that I appreciate the way that our feedback was taken into account to deal with the response to these changes.

I’m sure that in the future, better communication will be key to avoiding any misinterpretations.


Michelle and Jonathan have been very helpful. I appreciate the extra work they put in to communicate with us, listen to our feedback and relay it to others.


Yes, this change has been rolled back!

And thanks to you and @mikewalker for the kind words! Really appreciate it :smile:


Agreed, thanks both!