Places delisted?

I’ve noticed that places are getting delisted for no apparent reason. Or weird reasons like temporal closure.

I actually wrote and article for this because I didn’t know it was on the atlas, because it’s completely gone unless you click the main link.

I think that the old way of saying a place is closed is much better than this, especially if it’s a temporary closure. People might still want to go there, or maybe have been there before and want to click the box.

Also it’s a massive risk for wasting time for writers who might think the place is not on the atlas…


I had the same problem with an article that wasn’t accepted and I wrote the e-mail for the people who do places twice ( with no response:

Burnell’s Lower Ninth Ward Market – New Orleans, Louisiana - Atlas Obscura

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That is weird, the place seems interesting. Do you know why they declined it? Usually they send some kind of email when they do.

They said I am allowed to resubmit it but I don’t have editing privileges. Any ideas?

Odd, they should open it up. You could email the places team, or maybe @Michelle_Cassidy or @jonathancarey can check it out.

You could also make a new place and copy the text, it’s probably faster, but might take longer to get published after acceptance.