Places/food you thought "hey, this should be on AO/GO!"


Any places you’ve been to or food you’ve tried that you immediately thought they belonged on Atlas Obscura or Gastro Obscura?


Why Hasn't My Place/Food Submission Been Published?

I wanted to submit a listing for a Hindu temple in rural northeast PA of all places. It’s a magnificent building, and it doesn’t blend in with its modest country surroundings. But I didn’t take any photos myself, and I couldn’t find any public domain images of that specific building.



Darn, that’s too bad.

Two of mine are in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery/ American Art Museum in the Chinatown area of DC. One is graffiti chiseled into the window frame by a recovering Civil War soldier who was likely there when the building was being used as a war hospital and the other is a section of flooring that was original from when Abraham Lincoln had his inauguration ball.

I have a few food ones, too. :slight_smile:



Oh , there are literally hundreds of places/foods that I would like to get published on Atlas Obscura , particularly in Mexico and Brazil.

Mexico : Cafe Tacuba in Mexico city’s historic centre , beautiful old colonial building and well worth visiting for the delicious hot chocolate they serve in the old Pre-hispanic style , good coffee too

Casa de los Azulejos in the historic centre too , another old historic building built by the Spanish , its a sanborns so part of a branch of restaurants but there is something very special about this place with its Orozco mural and the bullet holes in the ceiling over a hundred years old and left by drunken rebels during Mexico’s revolution.

Pulqueria Insurgentes on “Insurgentes street” not far from Zona Rosa. A place pretty dear to my heart as I have spent many occasions here with friends drinking pulque during the years I lived in Mexico.

La Esquina del te in Colonia Roma , Mexico city. Another place which I used to like to go to with friends , a huge selection of teas from all over the world and a lovely place to sit and talk.

Churreria “El moro” in Polanco , Mexico city , some excellent traditional churros of all flavours can be enjoyed here.

Not really a restaurant as such , but also this gothic/punk/post-punk nightclub called “UTA” a couple of blocks from the zocalo , I used to spend every Friday night here in my late teens and early 20’s partying, drinking , dancing , romancing to the sound of siouxsie and the banshees, joy division , the cure , the smiths , Nick cave and the bad seeds etc.



Cafe Tacuba in CDMX is the namesake of the Mexican rock band Cafe Tacvba! They are one of my favorites. I felt that that might be worth mentioning!



Glad you mentioned it Alison , although they are not my favourite they are indeed a great band

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I just saw this on Twitter and thought “yes, this is totally an AO destination, too bad it’s going away soon.”

In general I feel we need more places in Tokyo on the site.



This looks cool, but seems like it’s going away unfortunately. But we’d love to get more Tokyo places in the database as well!



I agree! I’d like to get more places/food from that region/continent, actually.



Manga hotel, anyone?

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There is a place near where my grandma lives in Poland. Its a very small rural area with a local legend about a giant spider that once poisoned a set of priests. Its mostly passed down orally in the area and I have not found any writeup of it yet. Would something like this be fitting for the atlas? Alternatively I could write it up on my homepage and use that as a source for AO, but IDK if thats cheating.

I have pictures of the church.

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That’s cool! I feel like if you would add mot pictures and text that they would add it. Maybe talk about the designer and move.



Holy cow! That’s pretty cool - I like covered bridges.

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Oooooh, would love to visit this one!

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I haven’t been to this one but in general I want to see more crazy shrines on AO:



I would definitely buy an omamori from that shrine!

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Oh wow, this look pretty cool! Great “place with a face”!



The old Bayley Seton Hospital. I actually used to go to this hospital as a kid before it closed down. While it was supposed to be demolished, that seems to have stalled out. It was used as Arkham Asylum on Gotham.



St. Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava. There’s a series of imaginary animal sculptures up in the front that are worthy of a visit (regardless of anything else). My pictures aren’t accessible, but the pictures on tripadvisor are a few of them. Baroque wood carvings all around the front - I’d love an educated tour guide to tell me about them. Lots of relics and crypts for some AO graveyard creepiness. :slight_smile: