Planning trips around unusual or unique accommodations



Does anyone else plan their trips around staying in unique hotels or accommodations? I love staying in places that are fun and quirky such as medieval castles, themed hotels, unique cottages etc. Some of my favourites (I’m Canadian, so yes I put “U” in words :wink: ) include staying in a two level trojan horse, a medieval themed hotel outside Prague and a converted lighthouse on the edge of Wales. What unique places do you like to stay in or have heard about?


Oh my! I haven’t stayed anywhere unique, but I’d love to hear more about that horse!


This is a great question! I’ve discovered a bunch of fascinating places to stay (mostly on my dream to do list) over the years at Atlas.

There’s the world’s deepest motel room:

The Peabody Hotel and its red-carpet duck march:

And of course… The Hotel Casanus:

I’ll try and post more as I think of them!


I’ve been to Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA. I didn’t stay there but I had an okay breakfast and toured the hotel. It was definitely one of the wackiest experience that I’ve had.


It seems like there are always cool hotels opening in the woods of Scandinavia. This is my favorite:

And this is a pretty good way to scroll through all the unique hotels on Atlas Obscura.


I slept in a barrel in Iceland! I just went through the entries here for Iceland so I could link to it, but it’s not mentioned – I just may have to write up an entry about it. It was the sweetest kind of glamping with a really great view.


I’ve always wanted to stay here!

Prison turned luxury hotel.


You should check out Rare Finds Travel ( that specifically focus on unusual places to stay and things to do. Melanie Tucker runs it and she is great.


I was going to add it to AO but haven’t yet, it’s a two story custom built apartment in the form of a Trojan horse! It’s a place called La Balade des Gnomes in Belgium.


I actually have that place booked for the fall! It’s a spluge but looks like fun!


Whoa that’s crazy :slight_smile: Have a lovely trip!


Please add this to the Atlas! It’s magnificent!


I am a book nerd and did a pilgrimage to Gladstone’s Library. It’s a beautiful Victorian Library…with lodging. I also seek out bookish lodgings. On the same trip, I also stayed in a B&B bookshop Sleep with Books in Wales at Gladstone’s Library and Hay on Wye Bookshops


I’ve never stayed anywhere cool, although I’m intrigued my places I’ve seen. Usually I choose my hotel based on the most convenient, most functional grounds. I don’t want any excuse to stay in my room instead of getting out and seeing as much as possible. I’m a big fan of tiny European hotels located on the busiest public squares where everything seems to fold away in the most efficient way possible but where the room isn’t much more functional than for having a glass of wine and going to sleep.


I stayed at a YHA hostel in St Brevials, Wales. It was a hunting lodge for King John in the 1200’s. It was a very interesting place to stay. I don’t necessarily plan my trip around unique places to stay, but I will choose them if I can. And they make the best memories. I’m English/Canadian so I put 'U" in my words, too. Spelling Prague or unique is hard without that ‘u’.:yum:


I planned a birthday trip around staying at Free Spirit Spheres in Canada a couple years ago:

A few months ago I went to Naples, Italy and chose my hotel because it used to be a monastery. The rooms were former monk cells. We spent a lot of time just exploring the hotel! Hotel San Francesco Al Monte **** | 4 star Hotel Naples - OFFICIAL SITE

When I went to Amsterdam a few years ago, I booked a hotel a little outside the city just so I could stay in this hotel: Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam - Hotel in Zaandam

I would love to stay in the two level trojan horse!


I plan my travels around which hostels offer work exchange. :joy:


This is very cool. I’ve been thinking about taking my kids to Boston or Philadelphia for a short trip, given the history they’ve been doing at school. This definitely adds a point (or 5) to the Boston column. It’s a Marriott. Unexpected.


That’s awesome! I have wondered about the Free Spirit Spheres, I’m just not sure if I would constantly worry about it falling from the trees! lol… I still think it would be cool though. I have also wondered about that hotel in Amsterdam, did you like it?
I agree it can be fun to spend time exploring some of these cool hotels. If you have to rest somewhere it’s cool to be in a place that is full of atmosphere.
That and really I think I’m just a big kid at heart :smile:.


Ok, looks like it’s up now :slight_smile: