Plitvice Lakes

Welcome to the Atlas Obscura Community discussion of Plitvice Lakes in Plitvička Jezera, Croatia. Ask questions or share travel tips, experiences, pictures, or general comments with the community. For the story behind this place, check out the Atlas Obscura entry:

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Possible unexploded land mines? Yikes! I’m glad I only read this article after visiting!

Though I enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the park, due to the high concentration of tourists, I wouldn’t rent a car to get out there again.

I loved reminiscing about our wonderful day at Plitvice as I read this story! This is well written, which I appreciate after a career of teaching writing and now volunteer writing and editing three different culture newsletters on Asian and Southeast Asian arts and cultures in retirement in Thailand. I was especially grateful for the scientific information about karst landscapes. I hope everyone gets to Plitvice and enjoys nature’s pleasures as we did. Unforgettable!