Pocari Sweat


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I was introduced to this drink when I lived in Japan for six years. My staff told me it was the Japanese equivalent of Gatorade. I told them the name sounded as if thousands of little animals, called Pacaris, Had been placed in hot rooms, their perspiration collected and put in bottles. They said that sounded awful, I told them I agree!


This is the best drink… EVER. It is the closest thing to fresh coconut water. It is very healthy and pure. It is available all over the far and south-east Asia. In Hongkong you even get the powdered form that you can carry anywhere.

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We drink this at home all the time. The H-Mart has it in cans, but mostly we order the powder online. It’s not as cloyingly sweet as most such drinks.

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It’s a great drink, and is less sweet than Gatorade, which is ideal. I’ve drank it for years while living in a japan and stateside as well. The only thing I am not a a fan of is the unnecessary adding of MSG in the drink. Other than that, it’s awesome.


This is the best drink, especially on a hot day or when you aren’t feeling well after a night of too much drinking. It is totally refreshing in that way that doesn’t make you more thirsty, as with Gatorade and other “sports” drinks.


My husband brought a can of Pocari Sweat back to the US from Japan in the 80’s. He has never opened it. For years it was in the door of the fridge. Now it sits on a shelf in his office, as a reminder of his visit there.


one of my all time favorite drinks. the other japanese beverage brands have options of pocari too which are pretty good. it’s pretty much the japanese gatorade but smashes gatorade to pieces