Point Reyes Lighthouse

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What a surprise to have Inverness pop up on Atlas Obscura! I am one of the lucky ones to have been blessed having lived in the very unique small town of Inverness California. I moved there in 1978…but I was also there in the 1980’s when they were filming the horror classic “The Fog”. And what fun that was! It seemed like the entire town came out to watch the filming. I’ve traveled to many places and lived in many others…but Inverness is the place that remains in my heart forever.

I could continue on, however, I would suggest taking a trip to see for yourself…it truly is a unique town that will fill your heart.

Has anyone been to Point Reyes in the past week or so? I’m concerned how things are with the Gov. shut down.

2006-2010 - Several visits here during whale-watching season though we never experienced a full-on sighting. And, surprise, on one occasion we were enshrouded in fog.