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06/02/2019 - Still under construction.

Portlandia is unveiled again. Winter is a great time to see her because your view is not blocked by the trees. The best vantage point is from across the street, on a nice broad sidewalk. As you look up at the statue, directly behind you on the 2nd floor of Standard Plaza is a 3 foot scale model of the statue and other arty bits. Take the escalator up. The mini Portlandia display was moved there while the Portland Building was being refurbished. You will also get a good view of the statue from the 2nd floor.

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When I saw the picture I thought it was the statue featured in Josh Trank’s “Chronicle”, but then I remembered the movie is set in Seattle.

I also once searched the actual statue but couldn’t find the name. Anyone here know what it might be? I think it’s either an indigenous person or a Classic deity with a spear or trident (if you’ve seen the movie, this’ll make it clear which one I’m referring to).

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Today, on a deserted street I realized I could look through the deep lobby of the Standard Building and see the huge upturned face of a Portlandia scale model. It is ghost white. The lobby is usually open to the public. The view is from SW 6th Ave. The Standard is between SW Main and SW Madison streets.