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Hey everybody,
My name is Iva and this is my first post :blush:
I am a travel guide from Zagreb, Croatia working in an agency called Swanky Travel. At the moment my branch is challenged since being a travel agent and a tour guide in a world that screams #stayhome is like eating a pancake with a spoon – difficult but possible if you are hungry enough.
So I am taking this opportunity to ask you about your thought about traveling again after the crisis?
Will you? What will change for you? What will be the priority?
Thanks in advance :star_struck:

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Hello Iva,

Just like you, I am in the travel business based in California as a multilingual travel facilitator of Tour guide. After being in the business for over 30 years and going to the private sector of the business, rather than doing large tours on a tour bus, this year, I did not work because of the Pandemic. People will always travel, but after the padenmic, things have shifted in a big way. Some people actually like the results of the pandemic and enjoy the quiet and empty streets. No traffic! Also the air have never been cleaner and not far from me in Palos Verdes, CA you can see for miles. Around the country, all the Parks are closed the wildlife is happy about the absence of the destructive and careless human animal. Things will never be the same and some will be changer forever, and it is not always negative. Hoping this message find you well, all my best regards!

Hello to California :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing your opinion. It is both amazing and difficult to watch these changes.
I am talking to a lot of people about this and I think it is helping me to get the better more real picture of the whole situation.

Do you know will you continue working in tourism after it?
Stay safe and all the best :slight_smile:

Hello Iva and welcome to Atlas Obscura. I will most definitely be taking the first opportunity I get to travel after the bans are lifted. These restrictions on travel have made me appreciate even more than ever what a privilege it is to go wherever you want and see the places you want to see.


I would absolutely travel again no matter what . this is crazy to stay all year at home . I think if we do protocol we can travel safely but If you are healthy and young

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I also plan on travelling…hopefully sooner rather than later! I was hoping to take a trip to tokyo in the spring this year…we’ll that’s not happening, but I’m thinking maybe a fall trip would be nice! :slight_smile: best to all of travel industry personnel! I can’t imagine the stress you must be under!

Hi, I am in the Tourism Industry - the Inbound segment in India for the last 20 years. I have seen so many ups and downs throughout my tenure in this industry but COVID-19 has changed the rule of the game altogether. The future was looking uncertain, till I chanced upon visiting this site and all the beautiful reviews. This is encouraging and I am making my mind not to leave this industry but ensure that SAFE tourism takes place by all means, henceforth.
Good wishes to you all…Subhashish Sengupta, New Delhi, India