Potato Doughnuts

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I’m from the Buffalo/Western New York area. Growing up in Tonawanda, NY there was a Spudnuts Shop, Roehner’s Spudnuts, very close to home. The shop was owned by an older couple who were always very friendly when we came in. It was a special treat going in there with my Dad to pick up a dozen Spudnuts, getting to select a few 0f my favorites. I remember I would choose raspberry jelly filled ones, or powdered sugar ones. I wondered what happened to the shop, but now understand it was a victim of the times. I’d love to try some of these again, but I’m sure it won’t match my memories.

There was a Spudnuts shop at the end of our street in Dekalb, Illinois. Every Sunday morning we’d get a box of a dozen assorted spudnuts and the Sunday New York Times and the Chicago Sun Times and wife and daughters and I would spend the morning with all of the above. I’ve never really enjoyed doughnuts again since leaving there. And I assume Spudnuts, too, has long since departed.

10/29/20 - I think these are probably more widely available than we would think. It is delicious, though I am not sure I could distinguish it from a non-potato doughnut.

The location listed in Greeley, CO does not appear to be in operation any longer.

I believe Sputnuts Donuts is still open in Pekin, IL. I’ve heard about them for years.


Nice new article on Spudnuts, I learned a lot:

There was one last Spudnuts in Charlottesville, Virginia, when we lived there in 2009-2010. We should have stopped in more often, but we went a couple times and MAN was it good. Sadly, it closed in 2016.