Poutine Râpée

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Sounds incredible! Would anyone have a favorite recipe to share for poutine rappee? Sides, desserts to go with? Thanx everyone!

While my Memere would argue that the only traditional side that is allowed beside a poutine, is white Sugar or Molasses.

However, being a chef and surrounded by one of the greatest chefs in Canada, Jakob Lutes (owner of Port City Royal ) we have discussed different ways to add a “twist” to the original Poutine.

He enjoys Pickles with them, Lady ashburn go well.

If you are ever in the maritimes, I can make you the best poutine you will find on the East Coast. Potato-Patate(FB)
I find if you order them from a Diner, (the few diners that offer them) you wont get that perfect bouncy unique texture that we have perfected. I also never use salted pork, I used Pork Bellys diced up, which are then seasoned with salt and pepper, and sometimes we will add salted green onions to the pork.

Hope you get to try a good one !

If you would like to seriously try cooking them on your own, I can direct you to some youtube videos that are pretty close to the way we do it.