Prague in March

What are some things to do in Prague in March? I’ve been looking and found all the common things, but I’m looking for local stuff or off the beaten path things. Any and all tips, suggestions and comments are welcome! :slight_smile:

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Don’t know if it’s common or not, but Loreto is indoors and pretty much the architectural equivalent of an acid trip.


If you don’t have enough churches on your list, don’t miss the Church of St. James. It’s over-the-top Baroque but its real claim to fame is the “mummified” arm hanging from the rafters. The legend is that a thief tried to steal the jewels from the statue of Mary in the church. She grabbed his arm and wouldn’t let go, so it had to be cut off. If you like a beer now and then, both U Flecku and U Medvidku are both good spots to meet locals and have a pint. U Flecku has had beer brewed on the site since 1499. Check the chandeliers if you go: they’re made of pint glasses!