President James K. Polk's Tomb

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Polk’s tomb was moved to the capital grounds in 1893. Prior to that it resided outside his Nashville home. A photo taken in 1864 ( [Nashville, Tenn. Tomb of President James K. Polk] - digital file from original neg. of left half | Library of Congress ) shows that the inscription originally read “10th President of the U.S.” but the current tomb was corrected to say “President of the U.S.”
Was the “10th President” inscription just a mistake, or was it an insult hurled at John Quincy Adams? Adams was elected as the 6th president over Jackson (Polk’s hero) under dubious circumstances known as Henry Clay’s “corrupt bargain.” Polk was reportedly furious. Adams was defeated in a landslide by Jackson in the next election. Could Polk have instructed the inscription say “10th president” because Polk didn’t acknowledge Adams’ presidency?
I don’t think we’ll ever know, but I wish there were proof.