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Barn house? How much of a city slicker do you have to be to come up with such a nonsensical name? Don’t people realize barns and houses are completely different structures with completely different purposes, appearances, etc.?


I came here to say the same thing. Barns and farm houses are two distinct things. This is more of a rural Victorian style house that you might find in a small rural town than either of the afore-named structures.

American barns are typically hip roofed structures with very large open areas.

An American farmhouse is a very utilitarian house typically in a very plain Colonial or Ranch style.

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I also came to say it’s a stupid name. But, after looking at some of the links, I think I see what happened here. This page says, “It is built using materials reclaimed from an archetypal American red barn, carefully dismantled then re-made in the image of the house from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho…” So I can see how the artist might have come up with the title of the piece.

The author of the Atlas Obscura article, however, has no excuse.

Here’s more:

The components of a dismantled traditional American red barn have been appropriated; the planks of the long sidings becoming the house’s walls and its corrugated roof providing material for the roofing tiles.


The combination of the red barn – with its connotations of rural wholesomeness – and the sinister psychological complexities of Hitchcock’s house, presents a series of deliberate paradoxes.

Thank you for all of the passionate comments! Our editors are taking a look and will work to clarify the entry.

Looks better now!