Pure Kona Coffee

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Agree with the Kona growers. Kona coffee now sold in some of the big U.S. marketplaces give a bad name to pure Kona. I used to buy pure Kona 50 years ago from a friend who owned a specialty market/roastery; that’s where I got hooked on it. I had to stop regularly drinking it, though, when the price began to soar out of my reach. Having tried some of those “Kona Blends” in local stores, I quickly found that they taste nothing like the real thing.

Starbucks makes a 100% Kona Coffee whole bean. Do we trust them? I have been drinking Kona for decades, and yes, the taste differs especially with the “blends”.

Quite a marketing feat! selling “original Hawai’ian coffee” and warning against vile impostors. Coffee has become an invasive forest weed in Hawai’i, and the plant originally of course came to the island from Ethiopia via Yemen and the Amsterdam Botanical Garden.