Pygmy Seahorses

I read this with mixed emotion. Seahorses are one of the most magical of sea creatures, and that is saying something about a world of incredibly magical sea life. Having discovered this minute and elusive sprite, humans converge on it in droves. They find one and do what? Capture and put it in their refrigerator for later study in order to learn more about it in order to "protect’ it. This is standard scientific ‘reasoning’. Does anyone else see the absurdity? Left alone, these seahorses seem to be doing a pretty good job eluding humans on their own. Given the state of the oceans and our active destruction of them, why can’t we just observe them, take pix, and leave them to their own devices? Our intervention seems noble, but I strongly question its wisdom. Many animals have been deemed extinct only to be sighted on occasion. The moral seems to be that they do much better left alone. They may or may not survive, but I prefer to give them a chance without our “help”.

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