Question about locations in Vietnam, Sweden, etc

I’ve come to notice that certain “cities” in countries like Sweden and Vietnam will have a couple sets of letters next to them. Take the “N” in Älvdalen N, for example:

Contrasting it with Älvdalen S:

Other letters for Sweden I’ve found are V, SV and Ö, which makes me think these are cardinal directions. I’ve looked online but it doesn’t seem like the counties of Sweden, or their subdivisions, are called Älvdalen South and Älvdalen North, for example.

In fact, some of the few mentions of “Älvdalen S” I found on Google seem to be directly related with the way Google Maps itself classifies the country geographically.

For Vietnam I’ve found “tx.”:

Would anyone else know more about these letter/location combinations, maybe in other countries? I’ll also tag @CoolCrab directly, as the top contributor for Sweden and an active forum member, I’m hoping you might be able to enlighten me.

Yea I would guess that it is the cardinal directions (nord, öst, syd, väst) and SV being south-west.
I think that you are right about the counties not being divided like this in real life. @hrnick is Swedish afaik, so he can probably answer if he reads this.

AO messes up the location quite often in Sweden because it thinks that municipalities are cities. Like I live in Bergshamra, which is part of the city Stockholm in the Stockholm province/county. AO would put ‘Bergshamra’ at a location here instead of ‘Stockholm’, and I can really only fix it manually by mailing the places team for individual places. I assume that the same is happening here, but idk how one would fix that.

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There seem to be a few other similar things going on with Australia at least. Although in that case it’s mostly suburbs or neighborhoods of Melbourne and Sydney showing up as separate cities.

I think this might be because they are not in the “city proper”, but a look at a map makes it clear they are contiguous urban areas.

Parkville, Docklands and East Melbourne for Melbourne, for example,

While for Sydney there are Parramatta and St Leonards, plus a couple more:

@jonathancarey and @Igdaloff, not sure if either one of you might want to look into these.

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thanks for flagging this will certainly invesitagte

We have an internal tool that allows us to assign places to neighboring metro areas, even if they aren’t technically in it, so that they appear on the metro area’s destination page. @jonathancarey let’s discuss.

And thanks for the heads up @linkogecko!

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