Quick survey from the Product Design team

Hi everybody, I am Jeremie, a newly added (French) Product Designer.

We are currently exploring the possibility to add more fun statistics and awards to your user profile, and I’d love to hear from you:

  1. Could you please let me know how you feel about badges and awards in general?
  2. Could you please describe the last time you felt compelled to complete tasks in order to acquire badges? (please name the competitor if any)
  3. What kind of badges would you expect from Atlas Obscura?
  4. What do you think should be the next step once you get the badges? what would you like to do with these badges?
  5. What are the statistics that are currently missing in your user profile? (statistics = places have been, places I want to go etc…)
  6. In a scale from 0 to 5, how important is it for you to visualize countries you have visited?

Thank you very much!!

Hi Jeremie!
I’ve left a few suggestions on the Discord site.


Hi Jeremie,

  1. I think they are quite a cool feature of the site but I don’t really aim to win badges as I just tend to write a lot of entries on places located in the countries and cities that I know and have explored which gets me badges as a byproduct (though recently I’ve started writing entries for places that fascinate me but that I haven’t yet visited but intend to in the future).

  2. I don’t really remember ever having done that… However, I’ve noticed how competitive other obscurians can be about getting badges and taking things way too seriously and in the past I’ve found this more than a little bit irritating (admittedly I haven’t always responded in the right way to people with this ultra competitive mentality and behavior… :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

  3. I have no idea really but I’m sure the concept could be widened or perhaps be themed on not just countries / cities / regions visited but also perhaps topics covered ?

  4. An Atlas Obscura t-shirt would be quite nice (or a baseball cap). I’m not actually sure what I would do with badges… I suppose just feel a sense of satisfaction that I’ve added places to a country / region / city that will hopefully encourage people to visit them, see them a little differently and maybe feel enriched by learning about them.

  5. None that I can think of…

  6. Probably 5 as I’m a very visual person and my memories of traveling and living in different countries is something I cherish and often think about (and day dreaming and visualizing my future travels is also something that I do regularly).

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much @Monsieur_Mictlan !

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No problem, hope it helps

I did the same!

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Hi Jeremie,

Here goes …

  1. Generally, I have mixed feelings about badges and awards. I support badges that recognize experience or expertise, indicate a writer whose posts foster conversations, and acknowledge years of membership.
  2. I’m a Yelp Elite with 23 badges. My last badge was earned two months ago. I’m working on two more currently.
  3. Badges that recognize travel/geographic experience (e.g., a specific country, state or region), expertise (e g , photography, cuisine, wine, &c.), years of membership, and/or writing skill.
  4. Some badges should require activity to retain (e.g., posts for a writing skill badge). We’d display badges on profile and an indication of status on posts and comments.
  5. An “About Me” similar to that on Yelp.
  6. 5