Quinta da Regaleira

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My first visit to Quinta da Regaleira was about twenty years ago on a very chilly, foggy day in January.
I seemed to be the only individual there and the atmosphere was utterly magical.

I revisited this place a few years ago and, of course it didn’t have quite the same magical quality. In the ensuing years a ticket office had been added and as it was a sunny day there were a lot of visitors.

Remembering my first visit though still enchants me.


Quinta da Regaleira is a magical place and a hidden gem of Sintra! I have been there last year and I really enjoyed the visit. Lisbon seemed to be really busy comparing to Sintra. I found here https://www.livingtours.com/en/trips/tours/lisbon-bus-tours good options for my trip! I also visited the Pena Palace which makes you feel like you are in some-sort of fairytale! Sintra is always a good idea!

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