R1 Nuclear Reactor

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Hello everybody!
Just wanted to mention that my father Arne J W Andersson, born 1926, was one of the engineers starting the reactor R1 in Sweden. He passed away 2 weeks ago and I miss him a lot. Thats why I found this forum. He was the sweetest being I ever knew. He also created the first Swedish analog computer, later bought by the technic school Chalmers, in Gothenburg, together with his colleague and friend Heinz Wolmer. Also a very sympathetic man. They worked for the company Atom Energy. My father also told me that the famous Lise Meitner visited the reactor once at the beginning and the floor in cement was recently done so her footprint remained when she went away. Unfortunately they repaired the floor, which was according to my father, a pity, as it could have been a memory of her prominent visit.

/Daughter, Helén Andersson, Gustavsberg, Sweden

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Thank you for sharing this!

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