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As much as I enjoy this, I could never finish a bottle on my own.

In fact I have offered some to a friend in a German bier hall or at a beer festival as a bit of a prank. (It is fun to open others’ minds to the complexities beer is able to accomplish.)

If you are curious you should absolutely pair it with BBQ.

A more subtle option would be Alaskan Smoked Porter, which is my favorite and also happens to have won a buttload of awards.

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It’s never as good out of a bottle. People tend to be reluctant to buy it, so there’s no telling how long it’s been sitting on the shelf in that Getränkemarkt. There’s no substitute to getting it at the source in Bamberg.

It also depends on the variant one is trying. The Märzen and Urbock can get pretty strong and smoky, but I recently tried the smoked Helles for the first time, which was a lighter smoke overall and quite nice.

(That said, I enjoy 'em all.)