Rayburn House Office Building

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My last visit here was a sad occassion. I came here to file paper work for my fathers untimely death. My dad worked here at the Rayburn Building for many years. After leaving the Navy in 1958, he aquired a job as an electrician. He was hired on for the Government and he was sent here. His skop was in the rayburn building. They handled all the electrical functions of the Capitol Hill buildings including the Capitol. He worked here in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Many days he replaced light fixtures in the Capitol Dome. He was on lock down for about a week during the 1968 riots when Capitol Hill was burning. My father took me to work with him occassionally as a child. He introduced me to several congressman and senators of the time. I remember meating Congressman Pickle where I got a Pickle Pin. The many offices of these Congressman and Senators lined the halls. The electric shop was massive. Today, security is quite heavy, but you can visit or do business here. My dad worked in all the Houue office buildings and the Capitol.

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