Real talk: What's the greatest road trip song?


They say that road trips are more about the journey than the destination. I think it’s about the music you listen to along the way. I want to hear what you think the greatest road trip song of all time is. By the end, we might have compiled the greatest road trip playlist ever. Let’s do this.

My vote is for Midnight Rider by the Allman Brothers Band:


Take It Easy, by the Eagles!


It’s a tossup.



That Born to Run video gives me chills. It really must be watched, and then watched again a second or even third time.


Bruce Springsteen is the Greatest Road Trip Song of All Time.


In keeping with the old-man-rock theme, I’m gonna see the Boss and raise you Tom Petty (Runnin’ Down a Dream, American Girl, Refugee, Won’t Back Down, Don’t Come Around Here No More, Into the Great Wide Open, Learning to Fly, let’s just say all of it).


Oof. Good ones.


A lot of guy rock here. How about Lucinda Williams “Car Wheels on Gravel Road” album? And my two actual favorite road trip soundtracks–on two different car trips in Texas–were Philip Glass while driving through a spooky desert, and Stiff Little Fingers’ “Alternative Ulster” while driving fast.


Also: Holiday Road by Lindsay Buckingham, and Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins, America by Simon and Garfunkel.

And this, which might be my #1:

Feelin older by the minute.


Incidentally, not that I am complaining for one second about Bruce or Tom Petty.


You’re right, cap’n. Let’s add Heart. BARRACUDA.


I think Magic Man is the better road song.


No argument from me. I’m all for a four-hour playlist.


Another potential GOAT, No Sleep Til Brooklyn!


Plus one on the Holiday Road suggestion!


there must be some torture in there:


This isn’t torture. This is the song everyone laughs at when it comes on, but is aggressively belting it out after 15 seconds. It’s perfect.


I was not willing to openly claim it as such, but yes, that is the undeniable truth of it


Bruce Springsteen is not a song. He is a legend.


question for the group: how much overlap is there between greatest road trip songs and greatest karaoke songs?