Real talk: What's the greatest road trip song?


I think the Venn diagram is close to a perfect circle on that one.


I’ve been thinking about this. I’ve concluded it depends on where you find yourself. Driving in the Smoky Mountains in TN, for instance, I find that Roscoe Holcomb really sets the mood. “Moonshiner” specifically.

But if you’re, say, on a long and lonesome highway east of Omaha, you’re required by all that is human to blast “Turn the Page” by Bob Seger.


Yeah, and it is shaped like Meatloaf.


Turn the Page is SUCH a good one.


I know it’s a newer song, but Something Human by Muse is pretty good.


Here’s mine!


Yes! Good country was made for the road!


I’d even say the best music is whatever is on the radio, it sort of sets the mood for that road trip in that place at that time. I remember driving in the U.S. (I’m Swedish) and there was this country song about a guy who had lost his girl but it was all fine because he had his pick up truck which was the perfect song in that setting. In Georgia (the country in Caucasus, not the U.S. state) Bani - Caucasian Ballad was played a lot on the radio and it was the perfect song there and then. So I guess I’m not very helpful in creating the perfect playlist really… :slight_smile:


If you’re road tripping to California, the obvious choice is “California Dreaming” on an endless loop.


Absolutely this! I recently took a trip with a friend, and he introduced me to Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds while I was driving. A red sunset combined with distant wind farms and looming transmission towers made it one of the most memorable drives of my life, and we were just on the road to Portland! :laughing:


Always Bruce.


Oh the childhood memories I have of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds! My best friend’s father had it on vinyl and would play it and explain what they sang and said (it would still be another few years before we started learning English in school) while my friend and I were looking through the booklet. It has the most amazing illustrations, you should check them out!


You can play the entire Lost in the Dream record by The War on Drugs on your road trip over and over and over and over and…

First track here gives you a sense of it:


I’m gonna offer what’s by now likely a superfluous Boss endorsement. If you aren’t familiar with Clickhole’s many Bruce Springsteen/car jokes, I recommend them. Just look at some of the options in this “How Many Of These Springsteen Songs Have You Heard?” quiz:

–Sweetheart Drenched in Motor Oil
–Every Garage Smells the Same
–Can’t Drive Stick So I’m Stuck in This Town
–Dusty, Dusty, Dusty, Dusty Road


I stumbled across a great playlist for Newfoundland music when I was planning my trip there last year, and now various groups are in the rotation. Some of Great Big Sea’s more raucous traditional and contemporary ones fit anywhere: Straight to Hell, The Old Black Rum, Sea of No Cares, Gideon Brown, The Night Paddy Murphy Died. At sing-alongs on boat trips there, they handed me the mic when they saw me singing along.

On that same list are other Canadian artists that I took to, and I listened to them all through New Brunswick and are now part of the normal rotation: Stan Rogers (Barrett’s Privateers, Northwest Passage, the Mary Ellen Carter) and Stompin’ Tom Connors (Sudbury Saturday Night, The Hockey Song, Bud The Spud).


This is a great question. I tend to tailor playlists to wherever I’m going but there are definitely some songs which find their way onto all of them. Lots of Springsteen and Doors of course, but I’d like to put in bids fro Roam by the B-52s or Road to Kingdom Come by Lindisfarne. Oddly I find that Everyone knows this is Nowhere by Neil Young tends to creep on too. Sort of an anti-Roadtrip song, but definitely applies to some places I have visited and great to drive to!


I love me some Stan Rogers.


I kick off every road trip with “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates.
It makes me feel ready to take on the world, dance-off style.


Currently (for the past 6 months) my road trip song is “Gold lion” by The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s , I always feel this intrepid energy pulsing through me when I listen to it


My vote for best road trip song (and a killer video that was way ahead of its time):