Real talk: What's the greatest road trip song?


I’m not sure about greatest, but my wife and I have noticed that at any given point during a road trip- Billy Joel is playing on at least one station during SEEK. Captain Jack, Piano Man, A Matter of Trust, We didn’t start the fire, you name it.

If you seek, you’ll find Billy waiting. And you consider changing the channel, but heck… you know all the words so you might as well ride it out!


My favorite artists. Excellent choice


Road Tripping - Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of the first that comes to mind. But road trips are often long, and I’m an album guy… So I’ll include Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys as the greatest road trip album.

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My dealer pulled up listening to She’s Always a Woman today! :rofl:

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Born to be Wild is one of the best songs. But for long distance listening while driving I say anything/everything by James McMurtry.


Don’t know if this is the greatest (since I haven’t listened to all the songs yet) but the feel of this song is how I love to feel when I am traveling.


L A Freeway JerryJeff Walker


Gotta add one more


I always start singing Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again”. :cowboy_hat_face: Just that one line and it doesn’t matter if there is anyone else around.

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I like Bob Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive

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Road trip song! has to be Radar Love by Golden Earring. I always save it for that time
late in a long drive where I need a “wake up song”.


Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack- it always raises my mood especially when traffic or road conditions pose an issue!

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cough cough shifty eyes sorry…

My humble contribution to the list, since I haven’t seen it mentioned yet:

And since we need a vehicle to actually take that road trip…

And there’s always safety in numbers:

(I grew up listening to oldies radio late at night…)


Love The Eagles! :eagle:. And other sentimental bands.

I have a lot of road trip songs but the one that came to mind when I read the original post was


Don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned yet, so…


YES. I saw him live in 1999 and he played this. Brought the house down.

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Ahh great songs listed above and these contributions are helping me build my Ultimate Road Trip Playlist… my contributions to the list are:
Gone, Gone, Gone - Bad Company
Radio Nowhere - Bruce Springsteen
Open Road - Bryan Adams
Run to You - Bryan Adams
Rockin’ Down The Highway - Doobie Brothers
Wonderin’ - Neil Young
Get Back to the Country - Neil Young
Hard Road - Sam Roberts
I have lots more but stopping here for now!


Saw the same tour. Spectacular. Glad we caught it, because he hasn’t travelled extensively since.

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No way! I saw him in Eugene, Oregon. To this day, it was the greatest concert experience of my life.


On road trips in the 70s for me it was A Horse With No Name-America-or Midnight Rider-Allman Brothers, both hauntingly beautiful. Of course, a bit of weed didn’t hurt. <:

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