Real World Game of Thrones Locations

It’s only a few days until Game of Thrones final season begins, and dammit, I’m excited. Aside from the drama and deaths of The Great Game (sorry, there is no way that Theon lives…), one of the greatest things about GOT are the locations!


Every season, the show manages to find amazing real world locations that look like they were created to be a part of Westeros (and Essos). We’ve got a bunch of those locations on Atlas Obscura, but I really just want to hear about everyone’s favorite real world GOT locations. My personal favorite is probably the cave in Iceland where Jon Snow and Ygritte… learned some things. What’s your favorite?! (Also, seriously, Theon is going to die, right?)


I’d love to wander around these gardens, without the threat of lurking Lannisters.


Coincidentally, I just read an article on the shooting locations in Northern Ireland on the BBC news website.

Click on image for article

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Oh that’s awesome! I wonder if GOT tourism will become a thing like Lord of the Rings tourism has…

Oh, it definitely already is.

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GOT tourism is definitely a thing! When I was in Dubrovnik (King’s Landing) in 2016, there seemed to be nothing but GOT tours being advertised. And there was a spot where you could see the “real”(?) Iron Throne - I think you could sit on it and get your photo taken, I’m not quite sure since I only walked by.

The Spanish locations are definitely ones I’d like to see, personally.

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Sounds like I’m behind the curve on the GOT tourism trend! Time to catch up!

Here is a collection of drone videos of well-known Game of Thrones filming locations:

Game of Thrones Locations Drone Video Collection