Recognize authentic Murano Glass

Hi everyone!

I’m visiting Venice with my family in two weeks and we are going to go on a day trip to Murano Island.
I know that Murano Glass is amazing and personally I really like it, so I’d like to buy some nice Murano Glass objects while I am there. The only problem is that I’ve been told that there are lot of fakes that are sold not only in Venice, but on Murano Island too!
Does somebody know how I can recognize authentic Murano glass?


I really love Venice and Murano glass too!
If you want a tip on how to know if an object is made of real Murano glass, you have to look for the Trademark of Origin, that is a small label guaranteed by Italian law, here you can find more infos about how you can recognize real Murano glass products
So just check if the trademark is there and have fun!


Okay, thanks!

Go directly to the factory. There are several. They have showrooms. Sometimes offer tours.