Recommend great American food halls/markets



Probably my favorite thing to do on vacation is visit a food hall or public market like West Side Market in Cleveland, or Jean Talon in Montreal.

So what are great public markets in the US that I might not have heard of–the ones that are less celebrated than Pike Place Market in Seattle, but still glorious? Recommendations please?

How do I get to Gastro Obscura

I live in Denver, which has been adding some really hipster-type food halls like the Stanley Marketplace and the Denver Milk Market. My favorite markets are always the Christmas markets that crop up in a bunch of cities to serve warm gluhwein and mostly European treats. Denver’s is actually really good, pretty similar to the traditional Christmas markets you’d find in Europe.


I visited the Ponce City Market food hall on a recent trip to Atlanta. I recommend visiting it if you’re ever there. The chicken sandwich at Hop’s Chicken was spectacular, as was the burger at H+F.


French Market in New Orleans is pretty nice. There are many food stalls. There’s also a newer and smaller establishment called St. Roch Market.

I worked in downtown Denver for almost 5 years, and I always loved going to the Christmas Market there. :slight_smile: