Recommendations for Brazzaville?

Going to be in Brazzaville for a couple nights either side of a trip into the jungle. Anyone have any recs on food/drink.etc?


I, for one, have always wondered about baking things in termite mound ovens. Not to say that I’ve tried these. But I’m still fascinated.


Hey, I’ve been to Brazzaville many times. The De Brazza mausoleum really is worth a visit. Most locals won’t enter because of the rumors of sorcery associated with the building. Both times I’ve been, it was completely empty.

Are you headed to one of the national parks? Which one?

For food… Mami Wata is nice, with a good river view. I also recommend going down to the rapids for a drink. Just hire a taxi.

Brazzaville is a very safe city, by the way.


Awesome! Much appreciated. Will definitely check those out. Headed out to Odzala-Kokoua National Park for a week.

Nice. Are you going overland to Odzala, or by plane?

Totally agree w/ the De Brazza mausoleum. It’s pretty cool. Check the hours beforehand though. I’ve been a few times and I never could tell when it is (and is not) open.