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Any recommendations where to spend 5 to 7 days in Slovenia at the beginning of May? I have to be in Ljubljana for a couple of days attending a conference and would like to spend extra 5 to 7 days either in Slovenia or a combination of Slovenia and Croatia. Like doing active stuff but would not mind just relaxing and having good food



Hey @boris744! I’ve never been, but here’s all of the Slovenian wonders we have in the Atlas database. Would love to hear if you find more!



I edited this piece about a year ago and it seems like a cool thing to stop by if you are in the area:

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The Alpine lake town of Bled is a must see. Great for easy going outdoor activities and beautiful scenery.

Piran is also a beautiful small town on the Adriatic Sea. These were my two favorite stops in Slovenia. Enjoy your trip!

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I visited the Skocjan cave system a couple of summers ago. It’s a UNESCO site and has been compared to an underground Grand Canyon. It was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. There are unique stalactite formations and natural beauty all around.

We actually visited both Croatia and Slovenia on that road trip. We stayed in Pula in Croatia and although it isn’t the popular destination that some other cities are, I loved it. The Roman ruins were a surprise. It’s an unspoiled, friendly city. I highly recommend eating at Jupiter Pizza while you are there!

While you are in the area, another amazing thing to do is to visit St. Blaise Church in Vodnjan. There are hundreds of relics including some whole bodies of saints kept behind the altar. I’d visit the area again in a heartbeat!

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Hey @boris744, I toured for 8 days in May 2018 and split my trip in four; mountains & lakes, wine, the coast + a bit of Croatia and of course the capital. It’s pretty doable provided that you will need to drive a bit every other day. I love taking pictures so I was happy to drive somewhere in the morning, go for a hike and drive a bit more afterwards. Just be aware that some places might still be closed, in particular in the mountains. I am sure you will love Slovenia: here are some images: Slovenië Archieven — Beeld van Sander



Slovenia is always worth a trip, enjoy your time there :slight_smile:
Bled Lake, Postojna Cave and Ljubljana might be the most popular hotspots (but also the most crowded ones, Bled has lots of tourist coaches coming and going during main season, Postojna cave is almost a tourist factory (even though well organized)).

My favourites are:

  • check out Nebotičnik skyscraper (formerly the tallest building of yugoslavia, nowadays a beautiful cute building with a nice rooftop terrace)
  • Museum of Illusions
  • Metelkova Art Center (a semi-institutionalized squat house area full of wonderous art works)
  • stroll around university area (full of cozy pubs, book stores and monuments) check the map for the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

Other towns and cities:

  • Maribor, it’s amazing
  • Nova Gorica, a small border town full of history and a weird casino nightlife
  • The coast towns of Koper and Portoroz, free of car traffic and maybe not too crowded yet in May

Countryside activities:

  • hike on mount Triglav and the neighbor mountains
  • Bike (mountainbike or trekking bike) or canoe tour along Soca River (between Nova Gorica and Kobarid) you can rent bikes and boats everywhere!
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These are great recs! Thanks, @TransdisciplinaryExc!



Hi, very happy to hear you are coming to Slovenia. There are great places - as already mentioned, however if you like wines do not forget to stop in Vipava Valley or Brda wine region, I always recommend Krka river and places along like Novo mesto, Otočec or Kostanjevica na Krki. And of course plenty of time in my hometown Ljubljana. WelcomeSlovenia with locals

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