Rejected places you wish to share

This was suggested from another post

Not exactly the same but I’ve been trying to get this place going for places that are not yet accepted.

As for rejected places I got two in rovaniemi. I never agreed with the Santa park but oh well.

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I’ve got a couple of these, but I can understand why they might not make the Atlas , some of them are quite well known and are popular destinations / sights.

I was a little disapointed that Coatlicue didn’t make it , she is just ferociously fascinating. But having said that , admittedly , I may have been a bit excessive with adding Aztec serpent god related places so it could be a bit of overkill.

With this one , the museum of the viceroyalty, it was a shame it was rejected , because its one of the least visited historical museums in Mexico and also deals with the history of the country as a Spanish colony which is the other fundamental part of Mexico to understand. Not to mention it is also located in a “Pueblo Magico” , a really lovely and tourism friendly little town.

Then there was this one , the Bayeux tapestry , but I can see that it might have been rejected because it is a major tourist attraction and is quite famous and so might not have met the obscure characteristics.

I haven’t sent in any entries yet, but I have a couple of entries that I am working on for Costa Rica – when your entry is rejected, do they explain why? Thanks!

Generally no, if you email them then sometimes.

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In London at Tower Bridge, you can tour the upper level walkways. Portions of the floor are glass so you can look down on the roadway and river below. There is an excellent display on building and operation of the bridge.


Is there already a tower bridge site?

The tour is self-guided and very informative. Probably best if you are a bit of an engineering geek, because it’s about bridge building and the machines that raise the roadway of the bridge.

Bit sad about these two.

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I’m a little late to the party but I have yet to figure out what the editors want. Some of my stuff got published immediately while others have languished. A couple of my posts have be so far off the beaten track that it takes either a 4 wheel drive to get there or an 8 mile hike (or mountain bike ride) while others are easy to get to and even fairly well known.

This one got a
“Thank you, but we’ve decided to not publish this place on Atlas Obscura” even though it is historic, important and not something a lot of people know about. It’s even close to the place with the 8 mile hike.

This one is quirky and fun but has been rejected even through another quirky snow sculpture one was accepted immediately.

I probably shouldn’t whine too much as I have got 7 out of 15 submissions published but it is a bit frustrating. I could submit a couple of hundred easily but it’s hard to put that much work into the submissions and get less then 50% accepted.

They both look cool actually, and seem well written and clear. Especially the cat one I would expect to work here.

I feel like I reasonably understand the places process but not the foods one at all. What would be a good place gets rejected as a food. E.g. the ice bar. Its an amazing place but for some reasons doesn’t fit.

Hey @cyccommute, thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry for any confusion or frustration you’re finding with your contributions. While I can’t speak to the specific reasons that your submissions were not accepted, our editors do review each and every submission that comes in, and make their judgements based on a number of factors. If you have any specific questions regarding your submissions, or why exactly we chose not publish them, you can contact the editors directly at

All of that being said, I understand your frustration, and I appreciate your patient and thorough post. We’re always discussing ways to make the contribution process clearer and more painless, so your feedback is very much appreciated. If one of your submissions is not published, you can still share it here on the forums or within your own network. Thanks again for adding so many terrific places, and for being a part of the Atlas Community. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Hey again @CoolCrab! Our standards for publishing foods and food-related places are much the same as our standards and processes for publishing place contributions. Just… food-related. Again, I can’t speak to the speak to the specific reasons that this place was not accepted, but the editor of the foods database can also be reached at for more details. Thanks again for continuing to add new places AND foods!

There’s (was) a really neat off the beaten path in Pgh with murals my Virgil Cantini.

It’s going bye-bye at the moment. Boo. Eric, this is where the Kier Refinery historical marker is, too.

Aw, man…

Reviving this to share an entry and make a request. I wrote the following about La Mujer Chimenea, Mexico City’s second-tallest monument:

It hasn’t been outright rejected yet, but it requires a better picture since the one it currently has is the only Creative Commons one I could find and I am currently unable to take some myself at the moment.

To be fair, that IS NOT a good picture, so I might need a better one to let any potential helpers know what the entry is talking about since this sculpture is fairly well-known by sight but not by name.
Mujer chimenea by Alejandro De la Rosa, en Flickr