Renaissance Books an oasis in Mitchell Airport

Rennassance Books in the Mitchell Airport, Milwaukee WI is an oasis in the desert of the airport doldrums. I always use Mitchell Airport when traveling to the IL/ WI area. It a much smaller airport so getting in and out is a breeze compared to the larger ones . The biggest joy is the book store! A bit of calm in the madness that air travel has become. From rare tomes to resent brightly colored children’s paperbacks there is truly some thing for everyone . I actually get there a bit early to make purchases the go across the terminal and grab a local brew! A great way to make air travel some what same once more.


When I lived in Racine, I used to drive to the airport just to go to Renaissance Books. I’ve bought quite a few books there and at their old store. I love to wander through there when I fly into MKE now.

So glad they’re still open!