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Regarding Rennes le Chateau and Rennes les Bains, the archetypal structure of subconscious expression in both landscapes, and in the church grounds, and in the church floor plan, and in the relief group on the church back wall, was identified last year. I have published a tour guide on these sites, titled Stoneprint Journal 6, Rennes le Chateau stoneprint tour (2019,, $10). Some extracts are posted on I invite comments on the identified features, and on the structuralist anthropology model.


I’ve been fascinated by Rennes-le-Chateau for years now, admittedly because of the now-debunked Priory of Sion conspiracy and some of the fictional works that went around that theory. But even without the conspiracy it seems to be a place with amazing spiritual geography and architecture.


Jamie, if you visit Rennes le Chateau, it may be best to lodge in the Couiza south area, or in Rennes les Bains at House Negre. You seem to be a hiking family. You could use the Rennes le Chateau stoneprint tour to visit the notable sites, starting on the plateau above Bains, following the archetype numbers from 1 to 15 around Bains (some have more than one points); then the Bains polar points, mostly in town, from south to north. This should take a day. Then the Rennes le Chateau archetype circuit, again from the plateau between the rural Two Rennes, points 1 to 15; then Rennes polar points, south to north. I expect there may be some corrections, for which I would gladly credit you in future editions. The guide is published in, and is printed on demand, thus I could make corrections. It is easy to order my journals in the USA. Consider including the edition on London stoneprint tour, and the book Mindprint in your order (it demonstrates archetypes in 200 famous art and rock art works, some in the USA), to use the postage effectively. I will soon publish the edition on Paris stoneprint tour also on Lulu. I have posted an extract from some journal articles, including Rennes le Chateau hoaxes high and low, on
Here is the link;
Rennes le Chateau hoaxes high and low – Stoneprint Journal


Thank you so much! This is wonderful advice and I will be sure to let you know how things go if we do make it over there!