Repeat articles

Hello, I just wondered if there is a process for merging places that have been published twice on the atlas?

I noticed it on these places:

Hey @AdOYo thanks a bunch, our system typically flags them but it’s not perfect. We are also working on a tool to better consolidate these entries. I will add this to the list. Thanks a bunch

Ah brilliant, I bet the atlas gets quite a few duplicates but I’ve only ever seen a couple get through the net! And I know you have the process that flags up similar titles when submitting places incase it’s been done before.
The consolidation tool sounds brilliant as it would be a shame to lose out the great writing and info from an albeit duplicate place!
Thank you so much for your reply!

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Hey team, @Monsieur_Mictlan highlighted another case of duplicate entries below:

I’ve found two more myself that I’ve been in touch with @tyler about:

And the two entries in this place are actually the same:

He mentioned that a software tool is needed to merge these duplicates correctly, but they are currently waiting on a fix for this tool.

In the meantime, I thought it might make sense to revive this thread in case someone else has other duplicate entries they have found and want to bring attention to.


Found another pair:

There was also this comment 2 years ago:

It is in regards to the two places here, not sure if I agree, but I’m also interested in seeing if the editors have any comments about them: