Repeat articles

Hello, I just wondered if there is a process for merging places that have been published twice on the atlas?

I noticed it on these places:

Hey @AdOYo thanks a bunch, our system typically flags them but it’s not perfect. We are also working on a tool to better consolidate these entries. I will add this to the list. Thanks a bunch

Ah brilliant, I bet the atlas gets quite a few duplicates but I’ve only ever seen a couple get through the net! And I know you have the process that flags up similar titles when submitting places incase it’s been done before.
The consolidation tool sounds brilliant as it would be a shame to lose out the great writing and info from an albeit duplicate place!
Thank you so much for your reply!


Hey team, @Monsieur_Mictlan highlighted another case of duplicate entries below:

I’ve found two more myself that I’ve been in touch with @tyler about:

And the two entries in this place are actually the same:

He mentioned that a software tool is needed to merge these duplicates correctly, but they are currently waiting on a fix for this tool.

In the meantime, I thought it might make sense to revive this thread in case someone else has other duplicate entries they have found and want to bring attention to.


Found another pair:

There was also this comment 2 years ago:

It is in regards to the two places here, not sure if I agree, but I’m also interested in seeing if the editors have any comments about them:


Do we consider these duplicates? I would.

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Yep, it certainly is. Thanks for catching that!

Another odd one. Seems one entry is for the blood itself and the other for the procession, but they’re even using the exact same picture:

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Oh damn, that’s my bad! I did not notice this one on the atlas when writing it, I guess that the title is to blame. (it’s not called anything with MJ if you click.) What will happen now? Will the two get merged? @Michelle_Cassidy

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Yeah, when posting on the forums I was expecting the link previews to show the respective titles of “Orlando di Lasso Statue” and “Michael Jackson Denkmal (Michael Jackson Memorial)”, rather than the descriptions which are nearly identical.

That’s why I asked if it would be considered a duplicate as I guess it’s up to interpretation if one entry is about the original statue and the other about the memorial. As I said, I would personally consider them duplicates.

The Green Bank and Bruges (Blood of Christ) examples mentioned above I’m still curious about. Again, there’s different ways to interpret them.

Is one entry about the town of Green Bank and the other about the telescope, or are both basically about the telescope? Is one about the actual blood relic and the other about the procession and if so, can it just be made clearer by using different main pictures for both?


Yea I think that they are duplicates for sure, the text is not the same though so it would be useful if the editors could merge the two I think (including photos).


New duplicates from today:

@Michelle_Cassidy or @jonathancarey any update on the tool for merging these duplicates?

It seems the quickest way for checking duplicates, at least those with limited geographic extent, is just to look at the map. I find it’s the most straightforward way when I’m trying to determine if an entry already exists. You don’t need to worry about getting the name the same!


If the Places team don’t do something like this before publishing the entries, I would be surprised since, as you say, it seems like the easiest way to avoid duplicates.

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A new set of almost-duplicates in the offing:

was just published, but this entry of mine was accepted a couple of weeks back:

It’s only partial overlap, I guess–

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