Republic of Zaqistan

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05/22/20 - I am going to post a report that is proportional to the effort that it takes to get to this site. For a fuller picture, visit the Atlas Obscura entry for the Kcymaerxthare: Eddgar & Benn site, as there is some crossover. Simply put: a visit to Zaqistan is a visit to Eddgar & Benn if you know what you are doing.

  • Because in my experience roughly 90-95% of Atlas Obscura sites have accurate directions and/or coordinates, I had not done my due diligence before visiting Zaqistan. As it happens, I lucked out.

  • Cursory research on googlemaps and with satellite images led me astray. In fact, when I typed “Republic of Zaqistan” on googlemaps, a site popped right up. This was a different location from the coordinates in the article, but two things led me to believe the googlemaps location is the correct site: 1) I have seen occasional wrong coordinates in Atlas Obscura articles; 2) Satellite images revealed a collective of RVs, etc., that sure suggested an artistic commune.

  • When I arrived at the location, it was apparent the googlemaps location for Zaqistan is WRONG (whether by error or intentional red herring), and the satellite images I had seen are those of RVs and campers for ORV enthusiasts (there were a number of such folks in the region when I was there).

  • This was not a total loss, as the Kelton Cemetery is quite near the false location, and it is worth a visit.

  • However, I did have adequate cell signal, and I had saved the coordinates from the Atlas Obscura report and was armed with saved offline maps for googlemaps and Gaia besides. I visited the Republic of Zaqistan website for first time as I was sitting there in my vehicle – Republic of Zaqistan (stupid on my part not to have done so before) – to find this statement: “It is currently not possible to obtain a visa to visit Zaqistan, or set up business operations in Zaqistan and probably won’t be for some time.” Well, crap. With little else to go on minus the coordinates I had saved, I continued on to Eddgar & Benn.

  • As I drove to Eddgar & Benn, realizing that the coordinates for Zaqistan are quite near, it occurred to me that it would make perfect sense for a Kcymaerxthare installation to be outside an artistic commune. Duh!

  • Sure enough, once I reached the Eddgar & Benn location, as I looked at the coordinates for Zaqistan, it was just beyond a few dunes covered in scrub brush.

  • The site itself has little to offer at this point; almost all of the art is decaying or gone.

  • This led me to reflect on the unintended consequences of the artist when it comes to Zaqistan’s impact on the local environment (which is quite negative), as well as the establishment of such a site sending ill-equipped and unwary travelers to a remote location where the circumstances would be dire.

  • Upon my return to civilization I did some more research and looking at satellite images. Sure enough, there is a semi-established 2-track directly to Zaqistan. I cannot vouch for its quality or the clearance you would need (4x4 still necessary to be sure), but I highly recommend looking that up as opposed to the path I took, which was unnecessarily rough on my vehicle.

All that said: I sincerely enjoyed visiting this site and am so very grateful that Atlas Obscura has posted it. I only post the above as a caution and prevention of disastrous consequences.