"Request a Feature" on the main page

One of the members of the site’s development team has made it known on the Discord that a new link has been added at the bottom on the main page (under the Community section). This is “Request a Feature”, which allows the users to suggest new features for the site:

We can also vote on the ones we agree with the most, in order for the respective team to know which should be prioritized. For those who are regulars on the forums, it is very clear that there is a lot of feedback (most of it negative) aimed at the way the site has been run, specially since the start of the pandemic.

Personally, I think that the deployment of this link means that there is an attempt to address the feedback. I am looking forward to seeing how effective it will be in order to bring about change and under what sort of timeframes. The more contributors use this on and the more votes they see, hopefully the results will become clear sooner.


Yes, I am very happy with this :slight_smile:

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