"Researchers Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Reconstruct Ancient Games" Discussion Thread

Welcome to the discussion thread for the story, Researchers Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Reconstruct Ancient Games! What’s the oldest game you’ve ever played? Let us know, and share your other comments and thoughts about the story in the thread below!

I have played Senet but also Nine Men’s Morris, Whist, Shogi, Go, Chess, Checkers, Scopa, Mancala, and probably a few other older games that I just cannot think of right now. I would love to know how they are extracting rules using an AI algorithm. I am assuming they are running a Monte Carlo simulation on the set of proposed moves but that begs the rule extraction system. It seems like an unusual approach if it is because I suspect many real, modern games would not do well under Monte Carlo.

I would love to see the results of this methodology. It is an unexpected use of the technology. Is there a venue the results are likely to be posted at? I love games and that would be interesting to me, at least.

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Im surprised that the game Nefertiri was playing on the Ten Commandments wasnt mentioned. Hounds and Jackals was available on Amazon. Here Hounds and Jackals: Game of the Pharaohs | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

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I play Hounds & Jackals. I made my own board and pieces as no good or reasonably priced ones were available at the time.