Restaurant recommendations in Bermuda?



I’m heading there in a few weeks and have never been able to find any memorable restaurants or food experiences in general. Any tips are welcome!


If you don’t mind traveling all the may to Bermuda for a NYC chef:




And be sure to check out the Mies van der Rohe Bacardi Building up close:


Ah, yeah, I forgot I’ve actually been to Marcus’! Probably the best meal I’ve had there. And how about all that incredible artwork in the hotel itself? Good recommendation. I’ll check out the others. Thanks!


Because I’m now excited about that building, I’m going to upload some photos.


Is it too obvious to mention that you should definitely seek out some conch? The best stuff in the world is what they pull out of the water down there.


Not too obvious at all.

I think I’ve only had conch fritters out there. How else does one eat conch?


Ceviche, baby!


Not a restaurant, but I really enjoyed stone crab claws when I was there.