Rio, Brazil

Is it a good idea to travel with an infant to Rio for the first time in December - in terms of temperature, infection etc?
Will it be feasible to travel the rain-forests of Manaus, Brazil with an infant?

By infection you mean zika and dengue right ?

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Yes and there are so many other different kinds of insects in an area like the rainforest…

Well , true , there are a lot of insects and parasites in rainforests that can cause zoonotic diseases in people if they get bitten by them. But the same might be said to be true for large parts of the USA with things like lymes disease, spotted fever and even bubonic plague becoming more frequent in some areas.

Anyway , I think your first port of call with regards to your question should be your doctor / travel clinic. From what I know the yellow fever season in Brazil is from December to May ( both you and your child should be vaccinated against it if you are coming) and as far as I know Zika warnings have eased and are of much greater concern for pregnant women but I would take mosquito repellant and read up on the virus just to be on the safe side.

We have actually been discussing creating some threads throughout the forums about particular travel questions, best practices, traveling with children, families, etc. So we here at Atlas and our user community can help out more with specific travel questions, share experiences, and give our users a space to share their travel stories.