Road trip - Serbia and Bosnia


I am planning a road trip across Serbia (4 days) and Bosnia (4 days). The starting point will be Sofia. We may spend 1-2 days in/around Bulgaria upon return (time permitting).

We are interested in villages, mountains and natural scenery. Museums, memorials and cities do not excite us much. We will be visiting major cities (Belgrade and Sarajevo) but more as a pit-stop rather than making it our base. We will have a rental car.

The destinations that I have under consideration (keeping distances in mind) are these:

Niš -> Kuršumlija -> Štulac -> Koracica -> Belgrade -> Družiniće -> Zlatibor District -> Bajina Basta

Tjentište -> Studenci -> Mostar -> Jezero -> Konjic -> Sarajevo

Which of these are a must-visit? I know that all of these are probably not doable in my given number of days. How should we modify this list based on my travel preferences listed above?


Feel free to peruse our destination pages, they are def helpful in finding some unique locations. Hope you have a great trip!

Here you can find some locations near Bosnia.✓&q=bosnia&lat=43.915886&lng=17.67907600000001

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Thanks, I did see those links and in fact planned my route after reading. However, I am not convinced that these will offer me natural beauty and scenic vistas that I prefer. Hence the query here to chart out the ideal itinerary.