Road Trip To Disney World

Hi there! We’re headed to Disney World As we’ll have the kids with us, we unfortunately can’t stop at every roadside attraction on the way. We’re looking for weird, strange, and offbeat attractions along I-95 and I-4 in Georgia and Florida. What are your Must Sees? Thanks!


I would strongly recommend you stop for even just a few hours in St. Augustine. It is the oldest continually occupied city in the US and it is overflowing with strange and unique things to see. The Sacred Cat Rug inside Villa Zorayda, the Lichtner Museum, Potter’s Wax Museum and the Oldest Wooden School House are just a few of the attractions there.


Thank you!

You didn’s say where you’re starting from but I’m guessing somewhere in the Carolinas so if you’re north of Homer, SC, you have to stop at South of the Border. It’s just weird fun. It’s a huge tourist trap with giant sombreros and tacos and just plain tacky entertainment. It’s been a tradition for us to stop on our way down the coast from the north.

The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jacksonville, FL is a great way to see lions and tigers in fairly natural habitats unlike a zoo. They’re only open a few days a week so check before you go. It can get muddy if it rains so consider yourself forewarned. They do a night tour that’s amazing if you can squeeze that in.

The Kennedy Space Center is a little detour but so worth the trip.

Did I mention Legoland? There’s the distinct possibility that the adults will like it more than the kids.
and finally, Legoland.