Roadside America

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Roadside America is an old attraction! To some, it may seem a little hokey, with the decor and playing of the National Anthem. But the miniture display is a first rate classic. Model trains and diarama folks will love this. Anything you can imagine can be found in the display. Some suttle things and some more familiar displays. The detail is spot on for many of the buildings and train set ups. The building is pretty much square and you walk along the edges to view the sights. Great for taking photos! The diaramas feature different time periods. Roadside America is an institution with it’s famous books. Shartlesville is out in the middle of nowhere. Not to far from Kutztown, PA. When I was there, the attraction seemed to be showing it’s age. I am sure it takes alot of work to keep this attraction working well! Like trains and Diaramas? Then visit Roadside America! It is classic!