Rochester-Style Hot Sauce

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This is SUPER inaccurate. Yes there is a meat sauce, but nothing like it is depicted here. A garbage plate includes crispy potatoes, Mac salad, choice of hot dogs, burgers or cheese burgers topped in meat sauce and raw onions. Not some cheap hot sauce poured on top. And nothing about how the hot dogs should be red hots or white hots. AND for the record, the suggested locations are even accurate. Try dog town or one of the “hots” like Henrietta hots etc.

Not your best work atlas obscures. Not a good or accurate post.

Grew up in Rochester; had many a garbage plate. What’s inaccurate?

“While recipes vary, Rochester-style hot sauce is usually a zesty blend of sautéed onion, ground beef, and spices that is left to simmer with water, brown sugar, and tomato paste.” Accurate. Where does it say, “cheap hot sauce?”

Nick Tahou’s originated the garbage plate, so yes, that’s also accurate.

“And nothing about how the hot dogs should be red hots or white hots.” A red hot is just a hot dog, ma’am.