Rock of Ages Granite Quarry

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My 80+ year old mom wanted to visit Rock of Ages in Barre, VT and have a picnic on benches near the visitor center this weekend for her birthday. We went with friends and had a lovely time. Make sure to visit the historic Hope Cemetery nearby where most of the tombstones are made from Rock of Ages granite. Also find the Elia Corti monument, a sculptor associated with Rock of Ages.

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Excuse me, but just a bit confused. The location of the quarry might have been a nice tidbit to include in the story. After reading that Scots worked there I guessed Scotland, but the above comment seems to indicate Vermont?

Hey @atiba19971! I’m sorry if there’s been some confusion, but the address to the place can be found in the sidebar on the right of all of our Place entries. I hope this helps!

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I don’t see a sidebar, but assume you mean the filters on top? Places. Places in the United States. Places in Vermont. Sorry missed that.

Oop, I forgot to say that on mobile devices the address is near the bottom of the scroll.

But was not on mobile, on laptop and only at the top of the article. Not a problem :+1: I know where to look next time.

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