Rome trip March 30-April

We are flying into Rome for a Atlas Obscura trip - see dates. We want to take a taxi instead of the subway and bus recommended by Atlas Obscura. We were told that it will be a set price of $48 EU. If anyone else is travelling from the Midwest on March 29-arrive the 30th and want to share a taxi - and cost - please respond.

Does anyone know of forms of transportation from port on Mediterranean Sea to Rome?

The trains are usually good and cheap, even 1st class, but of course beware of workers strikes.

For Rome, I often take the bus as it is cheap, but you have to be sure to get the right ticket for the bus you are taking, which can be a daunting experience, as there are several companies where you may have to go to the ticket shops, and if you get the ticket from the wrong ticket shop, you may have to wait until the right bus goes - or pay double. Going by train can also be difficult, as there are different prices and tickets for the trains, as some are express trains and some not, so I agree that taking a taxi is usually the best, although costly. - a bus ticket is 5-6€, I think and train 10-15, IIRC.

Thanks for info. Cruise ships often have bus from ports to cities but they are very