Rotterdam's Old City Wall

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Back in 2016 in rural west Japan a downtown construction project turned up the feudal-era castle wall and moat. Like the Rotterdam example, the Japanese plan to preserve a section of tangible history, but not incorporating it in the new city hall in situ. Instead they disassembled for placing in public view at the front of the building, about 60 meters from its original resting place the past 450 years.
Not more than 40 minutes by car to the east of Rotterdam is the town of Schoonhoven on the banks of the Lek River. It has wonderful sections of wall remaining. With 12,000 inhabitants, it is easy to walk around the old city streets and explore the wall, gates, and so on

Many pleasant memories of visiting The Netherlands. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to visit Rotterdam and I will be sure to observe this phenomenon. The Dutch have great respect for their culture unlike the u.s.a.