Runaway Ghaut

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Hi Blake -

All due respect to your article, but you’ve completely misinterpreted the sign at Runaway Ghaut and your tagline’s description is so much more negative than what it really means.

I have family in Montserrat and just visited for the first time. Drinking from the spring isn’t a bad omen, as you’ve painted it. It means that once you’ve been there, you can always come back to a place that remembers and welcomes you with open arms even if you were just a visitor. While there’s the unfortunate volcanic history and many were evacuated and stayed away, those still there don’t see it as an “ill-fated island.” That’s like saying San Francisco is “ill-fated” because of our earthquakes, the south is “ill-fated” because of floods and hurricanes, etc.

Every place has a force of Mother Nature to contend with. The words you chose inadvertently cast Montserrat ominously and that’s underserving.

Besides, that spring water is delicious! Naturally cold and the cleaner than even what’s in plastic bottles. If you want to add the caveat that one might be uncomfortable drinking straight from nature when so many places we’re used to we wouldn’t be able to, that’s one thing but please consider fixing your tagline to represent the reality of it’s message.


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