S.S. Badger, coal burning Great Lakes ferry

I’m planning a lap across North America (Canada one way, States the other) and one of the things I’d like to do is ferry across the Great Lakes. As far as I can tell the only Great Lake crossing still made is across Lake Michigan, and there’s two of them. The first is a modern high speed catamaran between Milwaukee & Muskegon, but the other one… that’s the one for me!

The S.S. Badger is a working National Historic Landmark, and the last coal fired passenger ferry in the US. (If anyone knows of a coal fired or otherwise steam powered ferry in Canada I’d like to know.) It runs between Manitowoc, WI and Ludington, MI, or about 75 miles north of the fast ferry.

Has anyone on here taken The Badger across Lake Michigan? Tips? Stories? I’ll take pics and write up my experience, but that won’t be until September.

Took the slow ferry years ago as a kid, as an adult I take the fast ferry as my objective is to make the crossing as fast as possible. You’ll enjoy your trip! I recall that there are staterooms available if you wish but can’t speak to their condition. Might I suggest a drive up to Door County from Manitowoc? I moved there 4 years ago and love it there. Or if you have any interest, a visit to Green Bay to tour the Packers stadium? They give an awesome tour… enjoy your time in Wisconsin!

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